With 17 years of professional ballet training in her past, Melissa has a penchant for all things creative. After spending four years in Toronto and a year in Germany, Melissa returned to her home base, Vancouver, in 2012. Since then, she has been enrolled as a full-time Communication Studies Major and Business Minor student, and holds executive positions in two student-run associations. Additionally, she has over 2+ years working in the customer service industry and just completed an 8-month Co-operative Education work term at a Vancouver-based fintech startup.

Moments to spare are rare (apparently she is also a poet but just doesn’t know it), but when time permits, you can find her grooving at concerts, exploring the city for new boutiques, cafes, and local events, collaborating with friends on photography projects, or browsing the web in search of design inspiration.

Melissa is driven by global cultures and communities, each with their own distinct set of traditions and rhythms. She is passionate about exploring these new and unfamiliar ways of life, and fortunately, traveling has given her an avenue to do so.

Growing up in the ’90s, Melissa is familiar with scrapbooking and hopes that this website will emulate that pleasurable pastime but in a digital format. From photographs to writing samples, graphic design to event-planning notes, this platform will give you more insight into what it is like to be …

Melissa Ong.


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